What Clients Say:

It has been several years since my son came to see you for a week and several follow-up sessions. He is in Grade 8 now, and doing very well. His reading level was tested within a month of completing his first week long session with you, and had doubled in that time, and while his school support team rejected that this was all because of you and your program, we disagree. The resource teacher last year told me that he sees no reason for him to continue to have an IEP, as he is progressing as well as or better than his peers. He had seven “A’s” on his end of year report card in grade 7!


You have had, and continue to have, such a great impact in our lives, and I have given Ron Davis’s book to each and every teacher he has ever had since Grade 1. Thank you for everything… (age 7 at time of program)


I get my mind’s eye with no issue now. Has really helped, especially in test situations. Been pretty slack on the claying, but i have been really busy with school. I just wanted to let you know i did pass term 5 and did considerably better than term 4. Just wanted to give you a shout, and thank you for doing the course and all your help. I really, really appreciate your concern, care and kind words. I’ve just started my work term monday past and it’s been going pretty well. Once i get settled in to the new work placement, and get into some form of a routine i’ll be able to get back on the claying train. (University engineering student age 23)


She has adjusted to her new school and school bus ride amazingly. We cannot believe the difference in her. Her reading has jumped many levels and she is constantly improving and her attitude is unbelievable. (age 7)


I just got this message from the teacher this afternoon. YIPEE!!! Level 27 is where we would expect a child to be in June of Grade 3, so she is now beyond expectation in reading. THANK YOU FOR YOUR MAGIC WITH HER!!!!!!!! Wow – things have really come together with her reading……..from Level 5 last year (early Grade 1 level) to end of Grade 3 level is amazing. I’ll chat with her teacher to share the sweep sweep spell strategy and encourage her to use this at school also. We are so pleased with her progress – thank you for your work with her! (age 8)


We have just got back from his progress interview with the teachers. The report is fabulous. He is achieving between 75-80 % for his assignments that have been done thus far in Math and English. …. both teachers are impressed at where he was versus where he is at now. So far there is nothing that he cannot manage. He is doing it all without calculator. For english he has been using mostly the handwriting rather than relying on the computer. His english teacher was amazed at his ability because he was told a different scenario but the learning resource teacher (based on the test he had done in June), and was expecting to walk him through a lot. It turns out that he is the only grade 9 in a grade 10 class and he is moving must faster and better than most of the other students in class. (age15)


I just wanted to let you know that we only have 15 words to go. Grade 8 ended very well and she received the science award in her class…. (age 13)


I wanted to let you know that I have successfully passed the CRNE (Canadian Registered Nursing Exam) and the RPN examinations. I wanted to thank you for helping me to build solid building blocks and memory skills which created a foundation to help me pass these exams.I did not forget my Point, Dial and Release. I honestly believe that these three tools were pertinent to my self assessment and recognition of when I wasn’t performing at my best. Not only do I use these tools when studying, I use it on a daily basis! You were very constructive, supportive and encouraging during this emotional journey for me and I am truly grateful. (age 26)

We’re working with him. I see a difference with his reading already. He’s very eager to sit down and do the activities. His teacher said he seems engaged at school. (age 8)


I have continued doing the orientation point exercises and have been working with the clay on the words that stump me. Things have been going really well for me, my writing is much neater, I can bring focus on when ever I need it, I’ve been reading more then I ever have and at a faster rate. (age 24)


I was trying to get her to get downstairs to finish her homework. After 15 minutes I went up to see what she was doing. She was reading yeah!! Boy it’s amazing how far she’s come in less than a year. In fact it’s a year ago exactly that I started to realize that she might have dyslexia when the teachers were throwing up their arms and suggesting psychological testing be done…. (age 7)


We just had a parent teacher interview and were discussing follow up. He does two words per day 4 days per week and his teacher said his reading is really improving.