What Clients Say

Parents of O age 13

Even though my son was progressing, nothing compares to what he has accomplished this past six weeks. Never thought he was going to do this good. Thanks to the Ron Davis Autism Approach, our son’s future looks bright, just like for any other child. Thanks to you for the extraordinary help and support towards our son. You’ve been a blessing to our family, if it weren’t for you, he would’ve gone back home with the same minimum understanding of what is life and why is he here. I truly believe that both of our efforts have paid off having my son back from the imaginary world he lived in. Now he knows what’s the real world and what involves living in it. I’m sure he’ll always remember you and we will never forget what you did for him. It will certainly help him for the rest of his life.

                               Differences in Personality and at home

  1. Better and less mood swings
  2. Has learned to take jokes a lot better
  3. Different attitude towards everything
  4. Not as shy
  5. Haven’t heard him say I can’t or I don’t know how, he’s willing to try!
  6. Approaches people without hesitating
  7. Starts conversations and tries to answer appropriately
  8. Takes good care of himself ex: does his hair, uses cologne etc…
  9. Interested in learning new stuff
  10. Cleans his own room w/o being told
  11. Interested in Reading…Can’t believe it!!
  12. Notices people, surroundings, new things rather than just airplanes or trains
  13. Notices when he’s not focused
  14. Notices errors when speaks and tries to correct himself immediately
  15. Doesn’t seem absent like before, looks like he belongs here now!!
  16. Gives the impression he’s thinking or noticing new things when his very quiet rather than just being blank
  17. He’s a lot happier
  18. Wants to be well dressed
  19. Asks for opinions on what looks best to wear
  20. Feels more confident especially when doing things on like: cutting grass, washing cars and helping others etc.
  21. Offers comfort when somebody is hurt or in pain
  22. Wants to have his own style
  23. Chooses what he wants to buy
  24. He’s asked for his own food when we’re in a restaurant
  25. More aware of what’s going on around him
  26. Accepts changes more easily
  27. Uses more advanced in vocabulary or appropriate words for his age
  28. Has an understanding of what’s right and wrong
  29. More independent


Parent of J age 10 at time of program

Big News… J went on every water park ride at Great Wolfe lodge this past weekend.  He said he had never gone before because he was too scared.

My mom noticed a huge improvement in initiating conversation and going to see what the other kids were doing.  He played tag with 5 other kids running around laughing all over the club.

At his birthday party he stopped mid-race to run over to tell me he noticed his heart beating, and that he was sweating. Yesterday he noticed his feet and hands were very cold.  These are things he is not generally aware of, or has commented on.  I ask him all the time if he had enough food or if he is thirsty – he is still not aware of this …yet!


And Same Parent of J (6 years later)

J is 16 and doing amazingly well. He is in all academic in grade 11-12 mix. We have him doing a lap year so he is doing a work co-op next year half-days, and school. Then for grade 12 he can do half- load to crank up his grades for university. He LOVES musical theatre and is a Brilliant writer. He reads well but slowly. He just wrote his G1 and passed with no one reading him the questions but he took an extra 20 minutes and got 90%.

So to say J is a huge success story coming out of your program is a resounding YES!



Testimony from 26 year old woman: University Educated, High Functioning

Hey Kim,

This program has caused (I know what that is now 🙂 real ripple effects in my life. I hope more people come to take this program with you. I think the testimony will explain it but I am very grateful for Ron’s work and for you teaching me about this knowledge.

Thank you–I know you have had a generational impact on my life and my future family’s.

Thank you.

– D


D’s Testimony:

I do not know how others can manage without this essential service, given that there is little to no direct social service guidance for an adult on the spectrum. This is especially the case for those who have been able, for decades, to hide their challenges from others or have been unaware that others do not have their same sort of challenges.

Spending hours determining what to buy in a grocery store, being overwhelmed by the colors of the labels, what the different labels means, what to then put together for a meal, and how much money should be spent. These types of thoughts associated with daily functioning are broad concerns for many people not on the spectrum, but more of a passing thought to be addressed when the timing makes sense. Making that type of analysis though–to just get to it when there is time–does not make sense to someone on the spectrum, and multi-step tasks such as grocery shopping can become a major stress.

This is not the case for me anymore. And it’s not due to any magical cure, but rather through filling in the conceptual gaps in my learning. Addressing my misunderstanding of time, sequencing and order has done wonders to decrease the level of stress in my life. I have seen improvements in my ability to organize my day, my personal space, my thoughts, and my time (and when I get off track, as every human does, I am better able to re-align myself back into a rhythm).

This naturally has affected my sense of self, my health and is helping to improve my preparation for a career. What has been most valuable though, beyond the practical improvements have been the social ones. I still feel an infant in terms of social development, but before the program, I believe now, it is as though I had barely started this development (in a real and internal way). I looked as though I understood and I imitated (yes those on the spectrum, especially females can do this) but it was all at just a surface level and there was no way for me to imitate external behaviour and actually understand internal experience and motivation.

Before I did not understand the point in learning another person’s opinion, because despite having a university education and being accepted into graduate programs at schools like Queens and Columbia University, I honestly thought there was no point. Not because I did not care about people (I always do) I just thought that personal opinions were just replications or different descriptions of the same collective understanding and if we all think the same thing why bother asking someone what they are thinking? It seemed easier to just ask myself.

I thought asking others for their perspective was just a formality or something teachers wanted you to do so they could check off “socially behaves well” on a report card. I did it, but I didn’t get it (and that showed most clearly in my more personal relationships where I offended people I wanted to be close to). Now I see others as a huge resource of information and insight that I have never used as a resource in life. Not to say I view others as only resources. I have always viewed people as others to share experiences with (good times, bad times, meals and parties) but I never understood the way I do now that I can LEARN from them.

It is about six months after finishing the program, which I took over the course of a year. I feel more grounded and humbled, and I think in the way most do when learning a new level of knowledge, a bit confused by all I didn’t know, how I ever got by without it, and what I am going to do to integrate this new knowledge in my life.

It’s as if I have been living in a library my whole life and just realized that all these moving books that surround me are supports I have never consulted, and am very new at knowing how to consult. It’s frankly intimidating, but to never know would be worse. A little bit of knowledge in an important subject like people (and the tools to learn more) is better than none at all and a lack of awareness about how much I did not know and needed to learn.

This program has required a lot of commitment, openness, and self-forgiveness to complete. I can’t speak for how others will experience this learning. Some may find it a breeze, to finally be learning about what they always wanted to know, and others may find it difficult to accept that it highlights that they do not know something. But I would say to anyone who feels the knowledge of this program could help them, that while the learning is new it includes the tools to navigate new social information, confidence that comes from better understanding yourself, greater ability to interact with people you care about, and a sense of starting a new journey that feels like it is your own.

This program is perhaps my first greatest lesson in the awareness that there is something to gain from the experience of others, and that what I learn from others is an access to knowledge that will benefit my life to help accomplish goals I would have never known how to achieve with a solo approach to life experiences.


Other messages from D!!

Hi Kim!
It’s been quite a busy few weeks, but it’s hard to explain how much I’ve seen the program I’ve done helping me. Grocery shopping, understanding new people, planning my week’s tasks, and on have changed. It’s really just feeling amazing (though it is all new). I’m quickly forgetting how it ever felt before. It’s just a lot less stress and less going on in my mind/body at the same time.

Hi Kim,

I just had to take a pause in my studies to email you (after seeing my laptop desk top—clear! for the first time….and things are just easy to find on it). I know you’re the one who’s helped with it. I’m just so much more conscious in my day, especially when a problem (say with studying, or making payments for school and negotiating confusions). The orientation itself is huge, but it’s spreading into my daily life functions. I just feel so much more relaxed, for the first time in a way that feels concrete, and real. Thank you. 

Kim – want to say thanks. Have been having such a good time with friends. Thank you. Thank you.

Kim – just found my wallet. In five minutes. Calmly. Could have lost that for days before. Such a relief. Thanks.


Mother of D.

I tearfully look with joy at the woman she is becoming and sit in awe of the potential she is realizing (which I always knew was locked inside of her).