Math Program

Disorientation and math (dyscalculia)

Some people have real difficulty thinking with and manipulating quantities/numbers. They have not fully integrated foundation concepts of change, consequence, time, sequence and order that allow math to be logical. As well, they may not naturally relate the symbols of math to their real-world ideas. For example, the symbol 2 x 2 = 4 may be related to the sound of “two times two equals four” but not necessarily to the idea of two groups of two real things added together. So memorization without comprehension becomes necessary.

Confusion, disorientation, mistakes and emotion can cause a real fear of math. Once the underlying concepts are integrated and the symbols and language of math are fully understood, math becomes easy.



Davis Math Mastery Program

Who can benefit?

The math program is for adults and students ages 8 years and over who would like to think with and work with numbers and quantities without effort.


How does it work?

The program begins by showing a person how to control disorientation, regulate energy level and manage frustration using the Davis tools of orientation, release and energy dial.

The person fully masters, using clay and creativity, the foundation ideas of change, consequence, time, sequence and order. These concepts are the same concepts described in the Attention Mastery program.

With these concepts in place, math is much easier to understand and learn. The program continues by using clay and real quantities to master the concepts and symbols of math (counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fraction, decimals and place value). Then pencil-paper math is introduced and is mastered very quickly because the foundation of math is fully understood and memorization is unnecessary.  

The follow-up work of practicing orientation, mastering the 27 Math Trigger Words, reading comprehension practice on math story problems and use of math in every-day life completes the process.

This program takes approximately 8 days with the facilitator.


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