Getting Started

1. Give us a call

 The first step towards relief is to make the call and book a consultation – 905 825-3153.  During the consultation the programs and methods are thoroughly explained and your questions are answered. We look at strengths, difficulties and personal goals to see how we can help best.  You may wish to read the books The Gift of Dyslexia, The Gift of Learning or Autism and the Seeds of Change.

2. Discuss at home

After the consultation we ask that you go home and think about it. If you think it’s a fit,  contact us to book your program. For a Davis program to be effective a person must be personally motivated and willing to improve some aspect of learning or school/life performance. In addition, there must be a reliable support person willing to support the person in completion of the follow-up work if needed. Some clients are able to do some or all of the follow-up on their own.

3. Complete the program

The programs are delivered one-on-one with the facilitator and client. Programs are usually scheduled between Monday and Friday, 9:00 to 4:00, with an hour for lunch – depending on the client’s needs and type and length of program.  There are many breaks. The process is informal and relaxed and very enjoyable for the client. The process has been designed to feel easy. Programs take place in the facilitator’s office or at the client’s home.

4. Support training

A parent or helper attends on the last afternoon of the program to learn how to assist the client with the follow-up work. A kit with all materials is supplied.

5. Review sessions

Review sessions support the client and helper in completing the follow-up work to be done at home.   These reviews may start out weekly and then progress to monthly, bimonthly or as scheduled by the client. Telephone and email support is also available.

6. Additional information

There is a comfortable waiting area where parents are welcome to stay or come and go as they wish.  The client should wear comfortable layers and bring a water bottle and healthy snacks. Children must be supervised at lunchtime. There is a children’s playground, park, library and arena close by for lunchtime activities.  There are many restaurants and coffee shops in the area.

Services and fees:

Initial consultation: (2 to 3 hours): $180.00 includes HST (Cash or Cheque)

One week program: $4200.00 plus tax (tax exempt with a professional referral – form provided).

Post-program reviews: Included in the fee – as many as requested until follow-up work is completed.

Average Time to Complete:

  • Dyslexia Program – 1 week (approximately 30 hours); approx 3 additional days to complete concepts if needed
  • Young Learner Program – 2 weeks of half days (approx 30 hours)
  • Attention Mastery Program – 3 to 5 days
  • Math Mastery – 5 to 10 days
  • Autism – 2 to 6 weeks, varies widely