Attention ( ADHD/ ADD)

How does disorientation affect attention?

Some people use disorientation (3-D imagination) extensively for thought, creativity, entertainment and problem-solving (like Albert Einstein); and they can remain disoriented for long periods of time. They may find it more interesting/pleasurable to be disoriented rather than oriented. It becomes their natural state and can lead to great creativity; but it may cause difficulties functioning in the real world.

A person who is often disoriented and therefore not accurately perceiving the world around them, may fail to learn real-life ideas of change, consequence, cause and effect, before and after, time, sequence and order.

Being non-linear thinkers and not having integrated these basic ideas into their thought process, their ability to take responsibility for things that appear obvious to others – like adjusting to change, predicting consequences, managing time, completing sequential tasks or keeping order – will be very difficult. Their sense of time, movement and balance may be altered resulting in excessive movement and very fast thinking or being slow and sedentary. They may appear impulsive and seem unable to learn from past experience and may have secondary learning, social or behavioral difficulty.

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Davis Attention Mastery Program (for all ages)

Who can benefit?

This is a medication- free approach for students and adults of all ages who would like to be able to focus at will and have improved quality of life because of a natural awareness of focus and attention, consequence, time management, priority setting and organization.


How does it work?

Rather than teaching “strategies”, the program goes deeper by showing a person how to control disorientation, regulate energy level and manage frustration using the Davis tools of orientation, release and energy dial. The person fully masters, using clay and creativity, the foundation ideas of change, consequence, time, sequence and order and then experiences them in real life. These ideas are at the core of success in the real-world. Once completed, the client is invited to explore them related to his personal goals. Over time, the client will find himself naturally applying these ideas because they have become a part of his thought process. This program can have a very positive impact on motivation, independence, behavior and social skills.

This is usually a 5 day program though it may be longer. It may also be shorter if a client has already done a Dyslexia Correction or Math Mastery program.


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