There are many interesting and informative articles at the Davis Dyslexia Association Website and Davis Autism International.




The Gift of Dyslexia
By Ronald D. Davis with Eldon Braun

This book outlines a unique and revolutionary program with a phenomenally high success rate in helping dyslexics learn to read and to overcome other difficulties associated with it. This new edition is expanded to include new teaching techniques and revised throughout with up-to-date information on research, studies, and contacts.


The Gift of Learning.giftlearning1
By Ron Davis, with Eldon Braun

The Gift of Learning provides tools for improving attention focus, building math understanding, and improving handwriting.


Autism, the Seeds of changeAutism and the Seeds of Change
By Abigal Marshall with Ronald D. Davis

An in-depth look at a revolutionary approach to empower individuals with autism, and provide the understanding and tools needed to achieve their full potential. The Davis Autism Approach is uniquely geared to the autistic perspective, and enables each person to make sense of their world and the motivations and behaviors of others around them.