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Client goals:

Each client receives a one-on-one program based on their individual strengths, weaknesses and personal goals. A younger client might have goals like “reading to be easy”, “spell words”, “make friends” or “pay attention in class”. An adult client may have goals like “to be successful at university/college”, “be able to write emails and reports without errors”, “pass a professional exam”, “read road signs” or “organize and maintain my environment”.

Orientation: Koosh Ball

All programs begin with the three Davis “tools” for orientation (accurate perception) and self-regulation:

  • Davis Orientation Counseling:  Helps the client learn how to recognize and control disorientation – turning it on for creativity and turning it off for focusing and accurate perception.
  • Release procedure: The client learns how to recognize and modulate emotion.
  • Energy dial: The client becomes aware and learns how to modulate energy level from within so that tasks are completed at the proper speed, neither too fast (rushing) nor too slow (running out of time).

Resolving confusion:

Once the client is oriented, the programs build the foundation for reading/writing/math/organization/behavior in a way that is easy for a real-world learner.  Plastalina clay is used to create 3-dimensional models of words and symbols and their meanings using Davis Symbol Mastery or Davis Concept Mastery.  

By knowing what a word looks like (spelling), sounds like (pronunciation) and what it means (an image to represent the meaning that the client has himself thought of and created) the word or idea is fully understood and disorientation on that word or concept is eliminated.

Learning for life:Clay work for orientation and understanding

Once clients have the tools and techniques that appeal to their way of thinking and remembering, they can apply these same methods to learn anything in life.